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Although soldiers fought and died during this battle, the equipment, tactics and strategies used on both sides would ultimately define this engagement. Master military theorist Karl Von Clausewitz in the s could have been talking about Vietnam when he discussed the nature and conduct of war by saying, "the confused and confusing welter of ideas that one so often hears and reads on the subject of the conduct of war.

By looking at the decisions made by both the 1st Battalion, 7th cavalry Commander Lt. Hal Moore, and Sr. This was similar to what the North Vietnamese had done against the French at DienBienPhu in when General Giap then had, "decided to wipe out at all costs the whole enemy force.

Strategy and tactics have always been the determinants of any battle and the Battle at IDV was no exception. With any battle, it is the soldiers who provide first hand accounts into what took place, and in some cases what went wrong. When the battle ended, and the dead were counted on both sides, senior U.

They would then await American forces in the Ia Drang area, and destroy troops with no intent of liberating land. This battle was of great importance as it reflected the first engagement between U.

This engagement provided a glimpse into the agony and anguish soldiers on each side of the battlefield would endure until U. Upon graduating from West Point inMoore originally selected the infantry and later jump-tested experimental parachutes at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Over four hundred aircraft were assigned to the division, including "Hueys" from the acronym UH1D- Utility Helicopter Model 1Dto transport infantrymen in a combat assault, "Chinooks" From CH Cargo Helicopter Model 47 to move artillery into position, and armed helicopters with machine guns and aerial rockets for additional fire support.

Old and new concepts of war would be used by each side during this battle. This was the reverse strategy of the 7th Cav, whose goal was simply to search out enemy forces the NVA and destroy them. The problem was that their Vietnamese opponent refused to be sucked into a war of attrition, or to fight an American style war.

Many members of the U.

Ia Drang: The First Battle

The 7th Cav also thought this battle would be like others previously fought against the enemy; a quick strike usually by Viet-Cong forces and then, once realizing they were outnumbered and outgunned, the enemy would retreat back into the woods.

By Junehe deployed to Korea and over the course of the next fourteen Other junior officers, senior Non-Commissioned Officers NCOsand junior enlisted soldiers also provide an account into what took place by describing what they witnessed, and also display their own leadership and heroism.

The position of command is one of burden and Lt Col Hal Moore had his share of them throughout his military career to include the Battle at Ia Drang valley. The choppers deposited Americans amid more than 3, NVA regulars, and their fight--the first major American battle of the Vietnam War--would rage for three days and two nights.

Because of the victory by American forces at the IDV, military senior leadership began its next phase to win the war. On both counts they figured wrong. Army, the creation of a brand new Army organization, the 1st Cavalry Division Airmobilewould provide a new way to transport troops into battle.

These have no fixed point of view as they lead to no satisfactory conclusion: The introduction and use of weapons, such as the M for the American forces and the AK assault rifle for the NVA, also showed how this battle was very different from those previously fought.

It is these stories which relate the fear and horror of war. Through their eyes, many can learn what it was like for these men to fight an implacable foe in the dense jungle and brush of the IDV, and how some of them managed to survive. Stuck on Your Essay? Not Anymore. Kibin Essay Examples lets you search thousands of essay examples and jump start your writing.

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Idkrn essay
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