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In Canada we have so many farms and parks. C in their old Honda. All I read was jealousy with a hint of self loathing. You don't agree with the direction he has taken his government. Reply Mackays April 3, at 2: Today is a day to be proud of our country, and share our love of and enthusiasm for Canada.

Here in Canada, there is a mosaic of different cultures, and everyone is free to be themselves.

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And with good reason. I love going to the provincial parks because you get to go tent camping with your family. I have travelled much of the world and most of Canada many times.

It is so great that people from around the world want to come here. With the Boler in the garage disassembly of the outside began, for a proper paint job everything on the outside needed to be removed including; the front and rear windows, both side dinette Jalousie windows, the small kitchen window, the fridge vents, belly band and the Boler emblems.

She complimented the teacups and saucers we were purchasing and mentioned that she owned plenty which she no longer needed. Passing on our values and love for this country is a legacy. Reply Mark April 24, at It is so great that people from around the world want to come here.

Canada has become a cacophony of cultures and a babble of languages all jostling for a piece of the pie, where an intelligent discussion of cultural issues is not tolerated. Finally, the artistry of the fall season returns once again, reuniting us for our back to school walks through the elegantly forested streets of Vellore Woods.

This larger 3 way fridge fit perfectly between the raised floor around the perimeter of the kitchen and the counter top. I grow weary of these complaints.

Kevin Post March 10, at 1: That is just so cool. I love going to get fresh food from the local farmers market. Science, technology, civil rights, the blues!!.

Or is that just me. Canada is a well-revered country world-wide and consistently rated by the UN as the world's best country to live in. In short you smell, bad. I am proud to be Canadian because Canadians use the lost and found, offer their bus seat to expectant mothers, and give strangers bus fare.

The group sang it beforepeople in Parliament Square on the first Canada Day celebratory TV Specials in and some 6 times after that. America does not want money that comes with the condescension and rudeness.

Another reason to be prideful of our Canadian heritage is that our country produces a lot of people that went on to help the world. Corbin Fraser March 10, at 1: I wanted something larger and was able to find a good used Dometic RM 2.

In Montreal on March 3rd when a bunch of friends decided to use a puck. Canada knows that when they make bagels that people will get to eat and enjoy, every one will be happy and productive.

We have welfare benefits, old- age insurance and unemployment insurance. In keeping with the embracing culture of our Native founders, we as Canadians continue to welcome people from all over the world. Roli June 30, at. A contest Essay I won. About Canada and it's vast beauty and many people.

A few reasons why I'm proud to be Canadian. Nov 3, - Are you a proud canadian essay an essay I wrote for school that I liked. Exactly what the title says, it. Exactly what the title says, it. It is a great privilige to be an. For me, it's not so much that I'm proud of being Canadian as it as that I'm happy to be Canadian.

Canada is my home. There's a lot to love about it. It has a lot of problems, too, but it's a beautiful country filled with a wide variety of cultures, languages, and traditions. "I’m proud to be Canadian because of our diversity. We have people who come from all over the world and are proud to call themselves Canadian as soon as they come here." Submitted by O Should we be proud of Canada?

Well yes and no.

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Canada is a great place and we do tend to live up to our mistakes and try to fix them. Canada tried to help the French with there problem with wanting to separate, we gave them the French schools they wanted even let them have their own government.

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