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These were deplorable acts of terrorism. Samples from the blast hit trains have been sent for forensic examination and it would take some time to reach a definite conclusion.

Here's a map of where the attacks took place, provided by my colleague Paddy Allen: All the injured persons were removed to the nearby hospitals and doctors took no time to attend them. There remains a feeling of insecurity, fear and an overriding sense that the city is vulnerable.

Even so, the most basic measures get indefinitely postponed. Many Indian cities have been hit by major terrorist attacks that have led to a loss of property and businesses. High alert in cities across India The first blast took place at 6.

People fear to go out of their houses days after such attacks. Share via Email This article is over 7 years old The scene near Opera House, a hub for diamond exporters, site of the second bomb blast.

Dadar is largely a residential district, and is the stronghold of the opposition Shiv Sena, a militant political party whose headquarters were targeted during the bomb blasts following the demolition by radical Hindus of a Mughal-era mosque in northern India.

The attackers threw a grenade into a nearby lane, causing no casualties. The Government is now to respond in three ways. People should be calm and refrain from rumour mongering. The fifth anniversary of the Mumbai train blasts that killed more than commuters fell this week, on 11 July.

2008 Mumbai attacks

Panic among People Terrorism in India has created panic among the general public. While we were rushing out, I must mention that there were a lot of fearless people helping the injured to get to the hospitals.

However, the attacks have left a lasting impact on the face of Mumbai. The force — humiliated and castigated for their total inability to handle five separate teams of just two men — has finally been equipped with 21st century weapons and officers receive better pay and training.

The bodies had been in the mortuary of a Mumbai hospital after Muslim clerics in the city refused to let them be buried on their grounds. Maseeh Rahman sends these details from Delhi: Kasab and Khan opened fire on the vehicle in a lane next to the hospital, and received return fire in response.

The tourism industry in India has suffered a great deal owing to the terrorist activities carried out by different terrorist groups within the country as well as those outside that threaten the peace of the country. Reuters quotes Stratfor, a strategic affairs think tank with this to say: This might be due to complacence since there has been no attack so far on the diamond market in spite of it's vulnerability.

Police sources said a close watch was being kept on railway and metro stations, airport, port, hotels and shopping malls. Meanwhile, Press Trust of India, is reporting a red alert has been issued in Kolkata and its vicinity following the blasts in Mumbai.

Part of the training was reported to have taken place on the Mangla Dam reservoir. This is because the risk involved is quite high. All local phones including mobile service in the city were jammed probably due to the congestion in the system as anxious people tried to contact their beloveds.

Subsequently, Abu Hamza fled to Pakistan and along with Lashkar commanders, scouted for Pakistani youth to be used for the attacks. I saw hundreds and thousands of people running away from the scene. Some first-draft analysis here from B Ramana former Indian government official turned strategic expert.

Great way to see if the writer has thought it all the way through. The rich in the country are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer day by day. I'm reachable at this address 7. Explosive detection equipment, stricter access control and other measures have been put in place at all airports across the country.

I think two or three people have lost their legs. India is a close friend and partner of the United States. We've switched off our comment section below, but feel free to email me with any details or comments you might have. Sep 13,  · dissertation help service manager identity theft essay graphic demolay essay essay on mumbai bomb blast was the civil war inevitable after the mexican american war essay.

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Mumbai bomb blasts kill 21 during city's rush hour

Jul 13,  · Mumbai Blast (Bombay blast july 13 ) - as seen in news channel. rows · List of terrorist incidents in India This is a list of terrorist Meenambakkam bomb blast: .

Essay on mumbai bomb blast 2011
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